Rev. Younghoon Lee


Rev. Younghoon Lee is the Senior Pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church which inspires lay people to make the most of their professional expertise to fulfill the mission of God in the workplaces. Yoido Full Gospel Church (YFGC) was planted with only five members in a povertystricken slum area of Seoul, Korea on May 18, 1958. The power and the presence of the Holy Spirit in believer’s life have always been the focus of the church. From the very first and humble phase of its tremendous history, YFGC has been a church of miracles where evil spirits were driven out and people with sickness were healed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Rev. Chung-Suk Kim


Rev. Chung-Suk Kim is the Senior Pastor Kwanglim Church. The strong faith of Kwanglim church’s followers and the revival of the church became a model for future Korean churches and lead the generation and country with great spiritual power.

Rev. Edmound Teo

Hong Kong

Edmound Teo is the Senior Pastor of International Christian Assembly, Hong Kong China. His vision and passion are to see the Lord’s Prayer come to fulfilment in this generation. His message is “making earth more like heaven, and people more like Jesus.

Rev. Billy Lau

Hong Kong

Rev. Billy Lau, married with a son and a daughter, was called to the ministry in 1980. He graduated from Ecclesia Bible Institute with a Bachelor of Theology in 1984 and became a pastor at Kowloon Pentecostal Church. In 1986, he took up the post as the pastor at Assemblies of God Yuen Long Kam Kwong Church.

Rev. Satish Kumar Pakanati


Rev. Satish Kumar is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Calvary Temple, which is the biggest nondenominational church. Calvary temple is also the fastest growing church in the world, with over 232,000 members on one campus in a span of just 14 years.

Rev. Obaja Tanto Setiawan


Rev. Obaja Tanto Setiawan is the Senior Pastor of GBI Keluarga Allah Church that fulfills the calling of becoming the salt and the light of the world to influence the local community.

Rev. Timotius Arifin Tedjasukmana


Rev. Timotius Arifin Tedjasukmana is the Senior Pastor of ROCK Ministry. It has particular network for professional and businessman called Messianic Professional (M-Pro). The Purpose Mission Statement of M-Pro is “to equip God’s children in the business world (marketplace) with true biblical principles and strong skills for doing business or work”.

Rev. Shigaki Shigemasa


Rev. Shigaki Shigemasa is the Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Tokyo Church. Guided by the Holy Spirit, Full Gospel Tokyo Church has been working fervently to spread the gospel in Japan. The church proclaims Fivefold Gospel, Triple Blessing, and Fourth Dimension Spirituality at each service, in crusades and through broadcasted sermons.

Rev. Hosoi Makoto


Rev. Hosoi Makoto is the Lead Pastor of Japan Pentecostal Network which was established to build the network among the Pentecostal denominations and organizations for the purpose of reaching out to the 130,000,000 for the salvation of Japan.

Rev. Terada Fumio


Rev. Terada Fumio is the Chairman of Central Bible College. It is a university-level institution which offers a Master of Divinity degree and is operated by Japan Assemblies of God. The main goal is to raise and equip men and women to become pastors, evangelists, teachers, missionaries, and lay workers with Pentecostal faith. The college is Biblically-based and holds to the Statement of Fundamental Truths, emphasizing Pentecostal characteristics at a high academic level.

Rev. Kee-Chae Han


Rev. Kee-Chae Han is the Senior Pastor of Central Church of Korea Evangelical Holiness Church. Rev. Kee Chae Han, formerly professor in Seoul Theological University, is the 21st senior pastor of the church. He participates many Media Evangelism programs and publishes 30 books. He carries out his ministries with the motto “The church that builds people and saves the world.” He thinks Christian ministries should be “Total Care Ministries” from mother’s womb to heaven.

Rev. Sung-Min Park


Rev. Sung-Min Park is the Representative of KCCC (Korea Campus Crusade for Christ) which has been leading spiritual movements on campuses throughout Korea for the last 60 years. During this time, KCCC has produced over 370,000 graduates who participated and trained in their college years. When they graduate from college, the students are designated as “Nazareth Brothers” and sent out into the world to carry out and execute the vision captured during their college years.

Rev. Joseph Ko


Rev. Joseph Ko is the Senior Pastor of Suwon Central Baptist Church. It has established an academy called Central Yeadam Christian Academy which aims to cultivate bold and biblical leaders who will lead the world. These students are responsible for the future of nations and humanity, beyond the ideology, race and culture of the world.

Rev. Hong Seng Eu


Rev. Eu Hong Seng is the chairman of the National Evangelical Fellowship of Malaysia (NECF, which is a member of the WEA), chairman of Evangelical Charismatic Churches of Malaysia and Tung Ling Seminary Malaysia, and vice chairman of the Christian Federation of Malaysia (which represents the Roman Catholics, the NECF and the Council of Churches of Malaysia).

Rev. Vincent Leoh


Rev. Vincent Leoh is the Senior Pastor of Glad Tidings Assembly of God which was started in 1963 with just four believers. In 1992, Rev. Dr. Vincent Leoh became the 9th pastor. The church has grown to about 3,400 today. In 2002 the Church purchased its own property, a prime 4.3 acre piece of land in the heart of the city of Petaling Jaya. Renovation was done in the first phase, and the Church held its first service there in August 2003.

Rev. Jeremiah Yap


Rev. Jeremiah Yap is the Group Senior Pastor of New Life Restoration Centre that believe the Church must look at how business people and professionals are empowered in their family development. His growing conviction is if a business man or woman is successful in making money, but the home is dysfunctional, the light of Christ is not shining to the Father’s glory.

Rev. Edmund Chan


Endowed with a keen mind, Edmund Chan is a seasoned disciplemaking pastor with a twinpassion for expository preaching and mentoring. His insightful and thought-provoking biblical teachings have also made him a sought-after speaker in different major cities around the world, often with invitations three to five years ahead.

Rev. Dominic Yeo


Reverend Dominic Yeo is passionate about serving the Lord and expanding His Kingdom. Dramatically transformed by God in his youth, Reverend Yeo constantly demonstrates relentless belief in people to fulfill their God-given destiny.

Rev. Veraded Jitsakdanont


Rev. Veraded Jitsakdanont is the Senior Pastor of Mahachol Church and the representative of Great Commission Alliance (GCA) in Thailand. “Churches in the Great Commission Alliance (GCA) partner together to accomplish the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in Thailand and around the world through evangelism, discipleship, church planting as well as encouraging all members to grow and be fruitful in God’s individual calling for them.”